togo.ebay.com is to interweb as Webster is to...

Ebay is the latest to board the widget band wagon. I think this is a smart move. I mean people love small things right... remember Webster?

slimy liquid marketing

I've spent the last decade listening to the phrase "viral marketing". It seems to be the basis of every tech company business plan and when it works it can make even piece of shit sites like MySpace popular. So, I was sitting in on a marketing meeting today and decided to research the word "viral". The Latin is literally translated to "slimy liquid"... nice.

Therefore, I resolve to called viral marketing "slimy liquid marketing" from this day forward.



lolling chair by thomas moser

Thomas Moser had a sale today so I stopped by on my lunch break. For those not familiar with TM, they have an interesting approach to furniture making. They have really great supplies of wood - especially cherry - and everything is hand assembled. However, all furniture is made in a high tech facility in Maine with big milling machines. This is very close to hand crafted but with a much lower price tag (lower != cheap). So... make sure you hand select what you buy to make sure the grain works with lines of the piece.


pics from Artomatic

A smattering of pics from performances of The Mesmers @ Artomatic.

dogwoods look like neurons...


Brackens Brown Beauty

I'm upgrading the homestead. Check out the Brackens Brown Beauty. It is stunning.